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From a modest step to a giant leap

It was the 1860s when Harish Chandra Bagchi, a qualified young man of Faridpur District (now in Bangladesh) stepped out of his comfort zone. He travelled all the way to Dibrugarh, Assam and secured a job as the Head Master in the Dibrugarh Boys’ High School (now Dibrugarh Government Boys’ Higher Secondary School).

A few years later, he once again stepped out of his comfort zone, this time to accept the offer of the British administrators to start the Dibrugarh Bar Association and enter the legal profession. There was no looking back after that. He, and then his eldest son Bipin Chandra Bagchi excelled in the legal profession and displayed their entrepreneurial prowess by acquiring tea gardens, then the sole preserve of wealthy British planters.

Subsequent Bagchi generations have continued to display that will to ‘step out of the comfort zone’ and succeed in entrepreneurial ventures.

Harishpur Tea: A century of ‘quali-tea’

 From a modest step to a giant

Aptly named after Harish Chandra Bagchi, Harishpur Tea Garden, a flagship Bagchi tea estate has continued to product quality tea for more than a century. Although Harishpur has, over the years, sold its teas predominately in bulk through the tea auctions, it has developed a global following amongst discerning tea drinkers. In the recent past, Harishpur has upgraded its factory facilities and obtained ISO 9001:22000 and HACCP certifications to further improve tea quality.